I have 3+ years of experience in web programming and development, a demonstrated ability to work with technical and business teams toward project achievement, strong communication skills, and am a self-starter. In my extra time I'm learning more digital media techniques.


  • Enjoy coding in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript with jQuery
  • Creating video memories using photographs
  • Developing with Brackets, Photoshop, and other image editing apps
  • Online Search Strategies (SEO) and Social Media
  • Local Guide for Google Maps
  • What are You Doing?

    Building a WordPress site!
    can you build a WordPress site? yes, I can

    WordPress is a favorite for bloggers and commercial sites. It's a versatile Web Content Management System (CMS).
    This site is built using a theme, which I then customized. The Header and Footer, many of the colors, as well as the main font are edited, plus, I've added a couple of reputable plugins including ones for security. The gallery images further down on the page were added by customizing the page. The photographs are mine; they were edited in Photoshop.
    The rocks are ‘metamorphosed granitic rock ‘. (I asked an expert.) They can be found outside of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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