August 21, 2016

Theme Scrapbook – Sample Video Slideshow

Sample Video Slideshow

Theme Scrapbook showing photos displayed in a collage evoking nostalgia for times past. This condensed version from the original presented at a memorial service is a longer sample than the others. It is featuring Title and Closing pages, including a special Thank You page, and three songs.

There are many different styles available to choose for your special slideshow. You may highlight a special photo by choosing a longer viewing time during the presentation. Another way to customize your video is by including Title and Closing pages. In this example, the Title page is naming the person being remembered. The Closing pages are music and individual credits along with a thank you to friends and family.

Enjoy each of your individually selected photos in a slideshow set to music. The pacing of the video, or the amount of time each photo is shown, is shorter or longer based on your preference. While one song is playing in this sample; choose two or three music selections for your longer video.

See Theme Golden sample video slideshow as one other possibilty for your memories.